Pumps & Compressors


Pumps are used in all kinds of industries around the world:


  • chemicals
  • papermaking
  • irrigation
  • foods


Compressors are used for a wide variety of applications:


  • factory equipment
  • air supply equipment for civil engineering and construction projects
  • home and office air conditioning
  • refrigerators and cold storage warehouses


This demonstrates just how essential pumps and compressors are to industry. NSK supplies bearings that support the most important mechanism of these pumps and compressors, that of “rotation.” In this way, the company lends support to every field of industry.

Pumps and compressors should:


  • be environmentally friendly
  • be highly reliable
  • consume minimal energy
  • have low maintenance costs


Needless to say, NSK aims for the most appropriate designs and enhanced product quality. The company supplies many types of bearings that offer long operating life, high load capacity and high reliability. The goal is low energy consumption for an environmentally friendly approach and low maintenance costs.

Always bearing in mind environmental issues, NSK will continue to concentrate its comprehensive strengths on the development for future generations of pump and compressor bearings that consume even less energy and that have longer working lives.

New products and technologie


  • NSK Develops a High-Speed Angular Contact Ball Bearing for Oil-free Dry Air Compressors
  • NSK Develops Shielded Double-Row Angular Contact Ball Bearing for Industrial Water Pumps

NSK Experience & Technology


Customers require pump and compressor bearings that:


  • generate less heat
  • have a longer operational life
  • can withstand extreme environmental conditions
  • generate little noise
  • have low vibration characteristics


NSK's goal is to achieve customer satisfaction in all areas:


  • low energy requirements
  • low maintenance costs
  • compactness
  • reduced weight
  • high reliability


To that end, NSK has invested its world-renowned design and development strengths, its materials and production technologies and its expertise in tribology in the development of three series of bearings: the ELCOMP Series of compressor bearings, which exhibit superior oil and chemical resistance; NSKHPS™ angular contact ball bearings; and double-row angular contact ball bearings, which contribute to pump reliability. These developments have made it possible to achieve a longer operational life, greater reliability, and greater compactness. NSK is confident that customers who use its bearings will be able to experience the very latest in bearing technologies.

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