Wind turbine bearings

Wind turbine bearings can be roughly divided into three categories: yaw bearing, pitch bearing, transmission system bearing (bearing for spindle and gearbox)

Wind turbine bearings are mainly used in the yaw system, slurry system, transmission, engine and other parts. Each unit mainly includes 1 set of yaw bearing, 2 sets of wind blade main shaft bearing, 15 sets of gearbox bearing and 2 sets of generator bearing. There are many bearing structures.

1. rotor spindle bearing, it is very important to study the bearing type, bearing clearance, bearing roller number, convex surface processing, cage structure and other conditions, especially the minimum load, average load, maximum load and the best technical conditions of the bearing。

2.The generator deep groove ball bearing supports the rotor and adopts grease lubrication. The bearing used in generator must be protected from electric erosion. Therefore, special ceramic coating should be sprayed on the outer diameter of bearing outer ring to the side.

3.Pitch bearing used in booster engine requires high reliability, lightweight and miniaturization. The bearing with high load capacity and high speed must be used in this part.

4.The angular contact ball bearing of the main shaft of the reducer adopts the special design of deepening the raceway groove of the inner and outer rings to improve the axial load capacity.

42CrMo steel is generally used for yaw and pitch bearing rings of wind turbine bearings. The overall quenching and tempering treatment is adopted for heat treatment. The hardness after quenching and tempering is 229hb-269hb, and the surface quenching is adopted for the raceway part, and the quenching hardness is 55hrc-62hrc. Bearing rings of transmission system are generally made of zggr15 or zggr15simn steel.

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